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Diamond drill bit granite

Diamond core bits for granite

There is a simple formula for diamond tools: The higher the quality of the material to be drilled, the higher the quality of the tool should be! Especially for granite, this formula hits the spot. Of course, you can use an inexpensive diamond tool here, which will certainly work in the short term. However, the chance that it will not work is far greater in this case than the other way around.

Why is that? Simple. Granite is a deep rock and therefore one of the hardest, naturally grown rock types in the world. It is formed from liquid magma at a depth of 2 kilometers and needs about 15 million years to be perceived as granite as we know it. Accordingly, with such a high-quality rock, we also use a diamond that is up to the task.

Very clear recommendation with granite:

Better to buy expensive once than cheap twice!