Original ICS diamond saw chains

   Diamantketten Technologie™...

Diamantketten Technologie™ (Diamond Chain Technology) is a revolution in concrete cutting. Laser-welded diamond segments are on special alloyed chain links. They grind through concrete and other aggregate material, eliminating kickback and the damage that percussive methods can cause. Due to this remarkable feature, ICS® saws can perform plunge cuts up to 63 cm on hardest concrete and cut perfect corner cuts without overlaps. The SealPro® technology reduces the wear and prolongs the life time of the chain. ICS diamond chains are available in different versions for corresponding materials. As the inventors of Diamond Chain Technology™, ICS is committed to continually improving the quality and versatility of this important advance in concrete cutting.

FORCE4™ diamond chain
The company ICS revolutionized concrete cutting and presented a new generation of diamond chain technology in 2008: FORCE4™. The chains of the FORCE4 series have been reinforced and can bear more stress for professional cutting applications now.

 MAX™ Series Diamond chain
These chains were developed for the complete petrol concrete chain saw program of the brand ICS® and offer the optimum combination of versatility and affordable price. TwinMax chains have their name because of the patented double buffer design and offer an excellent cutting performance and simple mounting.

PRO Series Diamond chains
The chains of the PRO Series have been developed according to the highest standards and are the preferred choice of professionals. The PRO Series have been developed with long life time and best possible cutting speed in mind. The Series also include the revolutionary PRK™ cutting system, an enormous step ahead in the development of an optimum cutting speed.

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