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Fleika core drill rigs

Due to the big range of drill rigs available, it gets more and more difficult to choose the right one for the necessary requirements. Some try to imitate good and proven models - but the original will always be the original, with all its advantages. All replicas have one or more restrictions, compared to the original. The Fleika drill rigs are - and always will be - the state-of-the-art drill rigs for professionals.
For a professional core drilling machine, you need light-weight, robust and very stable and reliable drill rigs. The Fleika drill rigs fulfil all these requirements. They also stand out due to their high stability, light-weight design and simple operation. The drill rigs are stepless and usable for directional drill holes.
The patented stainless steel roller guides guide the housing precisely and free of play. An exact preload of the rollers ensures a precise pre-drilling and protects the drill bit. This saves time, prevents damage to the drill bits and prolongs their life time.
The drilling motor supporting plates can be exchanged very quickly and for quick mounting of the motors with the plate, the spindle reception of the hub will fit.
The stainless steel drill columns are made of a massive tube, closely lying racks and bevelled edges. The floor plates are made of stainless steel.
Different column lengths, water collection rings, spacers, centring indicators, transmission gearing and axles are available as accessories at all times.
The Fleika drill rig is the reliable one for professional, reliable machines.

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