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Our diamond core bit BKS Economy Line is very popular with plumbing & heating contractors and electricians who can only work with a core bit length of max. 450 mm. Our all-rounder is the laser-welded core bit, this is especially popular with contractors, as they sometimes have to work under difficult conditions. With this drill bit, it is almost impossible to tear off the diamond drill segments from the drill pipe, as both are welded together. Another important point with the laser drill bit is the price-performance ratio! If you have any further questions about the diamond drill bit product, don't be shy and call one of our ADT consultants! They will be happy to help you find the appropriate diamond core bit specifically for your purposes. The advantage at ADT Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH is that we produce our drill bits right here on site in our diamond tool manufacturing facility! In extreme conditions you can rely on our diamond core bit BPL Premium Line, which is characterized by its excellent properties, especially with strong reinforcement.

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